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We support the the Medical & Pharmaceutical industries trade! How we do it, read on...

PTX - is a SwipeRight Consulting company. We are excited to be developing a range of products & services to support the Medical & Pharmaceutical trading

Common challenge

Our vast collective experience (that includes you) understand how complex the business development world can be with many variables and red flags to manage all the way through the sales and business development process


The constant strive to do 'good business' and the pressure is on to get to market efficiently with high emphasis on building great relationships and juggling various systems, tools and reporting points-of-view to report on or be assessed by

The answer is shared & collaborative

Our unique platform is aimed to support the business business development journey through to successful close with great customer experience


The challenges may not be unique, the answer can be. The PTX platform and app for the sales professional, management & team, Client & Project. For people in complex business its a real world Swiss-Army Knife

Securely collaborate, share and communicate on key aspects of your project, TEAMS and key business deals and processes


Shared Goals

Imagine being able share a mutual goal with your team or client and using a common platform to communicate on and have shared access to key informations even between B-2B orgs

Those shared goals become a process flows where you both plan the key milestones and can see the process and outstanding actions against these key steps

Supportive outcomes

Supportive process for all in the 'need to know' people within your respective businesses. With your clients you get the ultimate transparency


Expedite your way to success. Please register for our newsletter for further announcements

PharmaTRADEX Platform

PTX will bring you the platform to transform your way of doing business and modernize your way of working with ease. Different business use different or no CRM systems and have their own reporting mechanisms. PTX is provide to sit between organizations and manage a 'shared outcome'


Create shared goals, objectives and milestones and keep track and securely communicate. Speed to decisions, supportive and collaborative approach to doing business is the key. All delivered via our shared platform model

Our experts are here

Our assembled team of Medical & Pharma experts will be online to assist you where you need support in complex industry business. This is backed up with Procurement & Legal expertise to help the smaller business and more complex B-2-B transactions with professional outsourced assistance


Success all the way

Manage your way SIMPLY and efficiently to repeated success. This remains our main goal. We have been where you are and we know what helps


Reducing costs, becoming more operationally efficient and increasing your business growth is our core capability

Coming Soon

We are almost ready for the launch of our platform. Bringing a great set of people, processes and tools for you to leverage

watch this space...

- TRADEX MarketPlace -

- Buy, Sell, Promote your Products, Skills, Services -

- B-2B Business Development Tools -

- HIPAA secure Video & Web Conferencing -

Secure industry multi-communication channel

Host: Team meetings, Webinars, Seminars, Training, Client engagements, Events

AI features and recording transcripts

Fully integrated to 'YOUR' Back Office Scheduling

- Card Scanner & Personal -

or Company QR

Scan go sync

- Mobile Expenses -

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- SecureMediCHAT -

TEAMS, Customers, Projects


- TEAMCloud & Collaboration --

B-2B Business Development Tools

- News, TALKS, Pods & Blogs --

Industry insights

Resource center, Education, Seminars, Blogs

- more - 

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